Monitor and Protect your Amazon seller account.

Protect your account and products from a suspension. This bespoke software automatically notifies you of any potential issues on your account giving you peace of mind and allowing you to concentrate on sales.

Fight Hijackers and protect your Brand

Realtime alerts via email when one of your listings is supressed, hijacked or a hijack is attempted.

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Track defects in your listings to avoid loss of sales

Instant notifications will let you know what to fix on your listings to avoid any loss of sales

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Track negative feedback and remove it fast

Instant notifications about negative feedback gives you time to reach out to the buyer and fix the issue in the shortest possible time.

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Amazon suspension alerts

  • Blocked (suspended) listings
  • Search result supression
  • Listing withdrawn from organic search
  • Unnoticed Amazon Policy violations
  • Amazon seller account health changes

Make sure you claim back FBA Fulfilment or storage fee overcharges

Any dimension changes that cause an increase in FBA fees result in an instant alert sent to you. Then simply request from Amazon the reimbursement for overcharges.

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Changes to your listings

Instant alerts about any changes to your product descriptions, this is a valuable tool especially if competitors are purposely changing details to cause you issue.

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Marketplaces Covered

Monitor and Protect Pricing

£25 / Month

Protecting your Amazon Account and ASINs from a suspension

What’s Included?
  • Hi-Jacker Alerts
  • FBA Overcharged Alerts
  • Account Health Alerts
  • Single User Licence
  • 24/7 Instant Email Alerts
  • Unlimited ASINs
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Unlimited Marketplaces
  • Customer Support