Helping Amazon Sellers avoid intellectual property infringement suspensions

Intellectual Property infringements are bad news for new and experienced sellers as they often lead to ASIN or account suspensions that can take weeks to resolve. What’s even worse is that there is no pre warning system that can tell sellers if they are listing on high risk brands.

Key Features

Protect all your ASINs from one easy to use

IP Alerts provides 24/7 monitoring of your listings and alerts you as soon as any of your ASINs are ‘flagged as high risk, which’ could cause a suspension.

High Risk Brands are companies who have already taken action against sellers for listing their items without the required permission. Sellers who receive IP notifications often have their ASINs and account suspended for repeat offences.

If you receive an alert that says your ASIN has been flagged as a high risk you can take the appropriate action. If you have the necessary permission to sell the item then great make sure you have it to hand ready to send to Amazon should it be requested. If you don’t have permission you may want to remove the listing.

How IP Alerts Monitors and Protects your
Amazon Seller Account from High Risk Brands

Monitor all of your ASINs 24/7 in real time

Prevent the suspension of ASINs and your account

Automatically receive alerts telling you which products are at risk

Peace of mid knowing that your ASINs are being constantly monitored