Amazon won't overcharge your FBA Fulfilment or Storage Fees anymore.

Any dimension changes that cause an increase in FBA fees result in an instant alert sent to you. Then simply request from Amazon the reimbursement for overcharges.

Amazon keeps the FBA dimension & weight changes hidden. We uncover them for you.

Amazon erroneously change the dimensions or weight for your FBA products without notice. This can cause Amazon to charge you higher FBA fees for each order. Get an instant alert when any dimension or weight change result in a change in FBA fees.

Request reimbursement for overcharge of FBA Fees.

If Amazon measures your product incorrectly and overcharges, you can open a case with Amazon and request a "Cubiscan" of your product to re-measure and re-weigh your product. If the findings support your position, you can request reimbursement for the overcharge.

1 Monitor & Protect provides better visibility of FBA fee overcharges

2 Request a "Cubiscan" from Amazon, then reimbursement

3 Bigger sales margins from every FBA order