Hijacker and counterfeit monitoring 24/7 for Amazon private label sellers.

Don’t allow hijackers to ruin reputation you've built for yourself on Amazon.

Monitor all your listings for hijackers to protect your private label.

Get immediate email notifications when hijackers or piggybackers start selling on your Amazon listings. And of course when one stops doing this.

  • Unlimited ASIN/listings monitored 24 hours, 7 days a week and Real-Time Email Alerting
  • Deal with hijackers right away to get them off your listings fast
  • Don't let them sell fraudulent products and ruin your Amazon business
  • get industry proven steps on how to Hijackers
  • Receive a Ready-To-Use Cease & Desist letter
React in real time.

Your best chance of success against hijackers is an immediate and aggressive response and with our immediate notifications you are always ready and armed.

Get all the features your private label business needs.

24/7 real-time email alerts.

As a Monitor & Protect user you'll receive an email alert in real-time once hijacker activity is detected on any of your Amazon listings.

Buy Box loss alerts.

Get alerts when you lose the Buy Box.

Unlimited ASINs.

Monitor & Protect detects all your ASINs automatically. No manual work required.

Entire list of hijacked ASINs.

See a list of your products hijackers are selling on.

Multiple Amazon accounts.

Have more than 1 Amazon account? No problem! With Monitor & Protect you're all covered.

C&D letter.

Industry-proven steps and ready-to-use C&D letter in English or Chinese.